Jun 12, 2011

Rihanna - underwear precious than diamonds

R & B Queen - Rihanna at the concert to a recent diamond studded underwear appearance, light-colored Swarovski diamond Phi body, the effect is quite attractive. But the full to the brim of the large diamond makes comfort greatly reduced, and even veteran Rihanna also performed very easily. Than full of diamonds, in fact, a more refined low-profile underwear worth having.

Pop Queen - Rihanna latest concert, dress is a very absorbing underwear plus fishnet stockings eyes. This special feature is turned full to the brim in underwear trimmed with a layer of colored Swarovski rhinestones, huge collections of amazing, colorful, on Bileihanuo recent in the "fashion" magazine cover model on the Tube, National Wind is the modern evolution of hot. But with her sexy shape other than the comfort of underwear, this diamond is worrying, Rihanna several times in the show are a bit stiff in the action.

Instead of diamonds all set in a block of underwear, it is better to find that his favorite fine lingerie. More worthy than diamonds of good underwear, manifest in the details at the best quality. Recommended delicate feminine lace embroidery, delicate lace and lightweight tulle combination. This low-key luxury to wear underwear, you will feel more intimate than wearing diamonds.

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