Dec 29, 2010

2010 American men enjoyed beauty top

U.S. men's website Askmen published 2010 "the most men enjoyed beautiful woman " poll results

A new generation of screen goddess Megan Fox sexy, She starred in "Transformers" series popular in the world have enjoyed a high popularity.

Australian supermodel Miranda keer, the Victoria's Secret linggerie model, she's in love actor Orlando Bloom's girlfriend.

British pop singer and TV star - Cheryl Cole, she was the wife as the most beautiful player

British actress Kate Beckinsale, she was in the movie "Pearl Harbor","Underworld"in the show is memorable. The poll asked readers to not only the beautiful and sexy actress to judge the degree, also called the companion standards, which are considered to be the year selected by the most fascinating women.

American Beauty, Jessica Alba, "Sin City"and"Fantastic Four"two highlights to help her famous in the U.S..

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