Jun 21, 2011

Long-term health slender 10-bit most beautiful star

Many stars are in use meticulous attitude towards their body, so that every inch of muscle fitness through exercise can create a perfect state. Said to maintain compact shape is the most admirable women, because they can withstand the temptation of food and a variety of harsh training, and now we look at 10 the body to remain fit and extraordinary woman!

1. Madonna-very demanding on the body, her yoga practice should be carried out every day, has insisted for 20 years.

2. VenusWilliams-is a true professional athletes, but the rigorous training of the body on the little black dress in the same charming.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow-is also a yoga enthusiast, her elegant manners, confidence, and, without a body fat.
4. Sarah Jessica Parker-already 40 years old, she is still fit and stylish.
5. Jennifer Garner-stature and vigorous, have received a variety of physical training, she was popular U.S. drama "Alias​​" in fighting the lens are playing for real!

6. Cameron Diaz-biceps full strength, how envy!

7. Serena Williams-like sister, like a professional athlete, muscles become more pronounced.

8. Salma Hayek-to S-shaped curve of her beautiful and famous, she has also been working hard to stay in shape without deformation.
9 from the TV series "Buffy the vampire hunter" release now, so many years, Sarah Michelle Gellar's body has been perfect!

10. Hollywood star of Jessica Biel-body line so stylish, she can wear sportswear appearance!

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